Fall/Winter 2014 Aesthetics (Official)


You must choose one:

  1. Tracksuit Mergoth
  2. Easy-Bake Fuckboy
  3. Piss Goth (Hydration Wave)
  4. Albacore (Hard Tuna)
  5. Hand-Your-Papers-In-On-Time Punk
  6. Cybergreaser 4.0
  7. Trust Fund Crust Punk (Classic)
  8. Freshwave Doom Puppy
  9. Neon Mom
  10. Broke

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"Our biological rhythms are the symphony of the cosmos, music embedded deep within us to which we dance, even when we can’t name the tune."
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Quentin Tarantino filming “Pulp Fiction” 1994.

This Russian soldier sat on the ground and tried to rest his head on his hand. This momentary loss of motion was enough to cause him to freeze in sub minus 40 celsius, the usual temperature in the Finnish forest during the winter 1939-40. Similar remains could be found by the thousands in the frozen forest.

you live til you die


Izumi Miyazaki

Ray Crooke (Australian, b. 1922), Gorge, North Queensland. Oil on composition board, 60 x 74 cm.



like i get that we shouldnt judge what others do with their own body  but sometimes people need intervention . have you guys seen that shoulder tattoo of kakashi with his dick out ejaculating or something it was nasty have u ppl fucking SEE


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